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Automatic Remote Control Parking Barrier

  • Automatic private parking lock with fashionable design: Robust and water resistant metal housing with smooth painted finish;Anti-pilfering: mounting bolting inside makes it impossible to be stolen
  • Automatic alarming system: fully waterproof with alarming apparatus, alarm sound for unauthorized operation or exterior force trying to put the arm down;anti-pilfering: mounting bolting inside makes it impossible to be stolen
  • High pressure resistance: curved design and thicker steel shell make it have a good performance in pressureresistance. The parking lock can endure a pressure of 5 tons without damage
  • Long remote control distance : 150 m
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iPark parking lock is an automatic remote controlled device designed to reserve your parking space. Using a remote, you can raise and lower the lock. The mounting bolts can only be opened with the key, providing extra security. Heavy duty waterproof durable design. Bright yellow color with “No Parking” sign for clear visibility. Perfect for your home, business, or office. Reserve your parking space and have the peace of mind knowing no one will park in your spot with this reliable parking lock.height 41 cm.

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